• Finish Info
  • Colors printed and/or displayed digitally vary and should not be used for true color matching. Physical samples should be referenced for all color approvals. Please contact the factory for samples.

White Markerboard WM

Manufacturer Info

Surface Laminates for Miro

Worksurfaces and Storage Faces

  • Frostywhite

    White Markerboard

  • Frostywhite1573 60

    Frosty White

  • Alabaster


  • P fashion grey big

    Fashion Grey

  • Phantom pearl

    Phantom Pearl

  • Watsonhpl whitecypress

    White Cypress

  • Asiansand7952 38

    Asian Sand

  • Phantom ecru

    Phantom Ecru

  • Grey elm

    Grey Elm

  • Field elm

    Field Elm

  • Blondecho2

    Blond Echo

  • Watsonhpl fawncypress

    Fawn Cypress

  • Loft oak

    Loft Oak

  • Veranda teak

    Veranda Teak

  • Studioteak dt tx

    Studio Teak

  • Neo walnut

    Neo Walnut

  • Walnut heights 7965 12

    Walnut Heights

  • Skyline walnut

    Skyline Walnut

  • Ebony recon

    Ebony Recon

  • Watsonhpl craftsaddle

    Craft Surface - Saddle

  • Watsonhpl craftespresso

    Craft Surface - Espresso

  • Watsonhpl biancokos

    Bianco Kos

  • Watsonhpl castoroottawa

    Castoro Ottawa

  • Watsonhpl neroingo

    Nero Ingo

  • Forbo mushroom

    Forbo Mushroom

  • Forbo pebble

    Forbo Pebble

  • Forbo ash

    Forbo Ash

  • Forbo olive

    Forbo Olive

  • Forbo pewter

    Forbo Pewter

  • Forbo smokey blue

    Forbo Smokey Blue

  • Forbo nero

    Forbo Noir

* * ALSO AVAILABLE AS A SMARTGRAIN PREMIUM LAMINATE ON WORKSURFACES AND STORAGE FACES. Smartgrain laminates feature the polish and luxe of a real wood veneer, with a subtle, narrow grain structure and higher gloss level.

Powdercoat for Miro

Storage Cases, Legs, Metal Components

  • Powdercoat markerboard6

    White Markerboard

  • Powdersample frostywhite

    Frosty White

  • Alabaster powder


  • Powdersample fashiongrey

    Fashion Grey

  • Powdersample whitealuminum


  • Powdersample satingray

    Satin Gray

  • Powdersample slate


  • Powdersample charcoal


  • Powdersample black


  • Powdersample clear

    Clear (Raw Steel)

  • Powdersample purered

    Pure Red

  • Powdersample vermilion


  • Powdersample zincyellow

    Zinc Yellow

  • Powder grassgreen

    Grass Green

  • Powder azure

    Azure Blue

  • Burntorange powder

    Burnt Orange

  • Salmon powder


  • Mustardseed powder

    Mustard Seed

  • Sagegreen powder

    Sage Green

  • Emeraldgreen powder

    Emerald Green

  • Powder aqua


  • Blue steel powder

    Blue Steel

Textiles for Miro

Privacy Screens, Frames, Panels

  • Charcoal pet

    Dark PET

  • Ash pet

    Light PET

  • Smoke pet

    Medium PET

  • Sprite snow

    Sprite Snow

  • Sprite linen

    Sprite Linen

  • Sprite khaki

    Sprite Khaki

  • Sprite harvest

    Sprite Harvest

  • Sprite sky

    Sprite Sky

  • Drift slate

    Drift Slate

  • Drift pebble

    Drift Pebble

  • Drift mocha

    Drift Mocha

  • Drift alabaster

    Drift Alabaster

  • Drift graphite

    Drift Graphite

  • Drift storm

    Drift Storm

  • Anchorage birch

    Anchorage Birch

  • Anchorage vanilla

    Anchorage Vanilla

  • Anchorage angora

    Anchorage Angora

  • Anchorage goose

    Anchorage Goose

  • Anchorage cumin

    Anchorage Cumin

  • Anchorage henna

    Anchorage Henna

  • Anchorage geranium

    Anchorage Geranium

  • Anchorage pumpkin

    Anchorage Pumpkin

  • Anchorage amber

    Anchorage Amber

  • Anchorage straw

    Anchorage Straw

  • Anchorage sunshine

    Anchorage Sunshine

  • Anchorage greenapple 01

    Anchorage Green Apple

  • Anchorage waterfall

    Anchorage Waterfall

  • Anchorage asteroid

    Anchorage Asteroid

  • Anchorage fossil

    Anchorage Fossil

  • Anchorage graphite

    Anchorage Graphite

  • Mutual

    Synergy 66 Mutual

  • Loop

    Synergy 66 Loop

  • Summon

    Synergy 66 Summon

  • Pact

    Synergy 66 Pact

  • Kinship

    Synergy 66 Kinship

  • Group

    Synergy 66 Group

  • Serendipity

    Synergy 66 Serendipity

  • Chemistry

    Synergy 66 Chemistry

  • Monroe

    Manhattan Monroe

  • Houston

    Manhattan Houston

  • Taxi

    Manhattan Taxi

  • Park

    Manhattan Park

  • Astor

    Manhattan Astor

  • Jackson

    Manhattan Jackson

  • Broadway

    Manhattan Broadway

  • Multiply

    L2 Multiply

  • Divide

    L2 Divide

  • Cuboid

    L2 Cuboid

  • Algebra

    L2 Algebra

  • Value

    L2 Value

  • Positive

    L2 Positive

  • Radius

    L2 Radius

Edge Profile

  • Miro edge


Miro Pull

  • Miro pull


Wood Edge Finishes

Our greenest edge, the Knife Edge exposes the MDF core and is finished in a water-based stain.

  • Natural


  • Charcoal