What ZO Offers

Zo is an, agile adaptive collection of iconic storage elements for individual work spaces, conferencing and shared storage. By efficiently organizing people, spaces and tasks Zo offers a refreshing take on conventional storage typologies.

Personal Storage

Space Division

Combinations of Denza and Stak elements provide variable height privacy between adjacent workstations. A simple and tool-free attachment method allow the Stak's to slide along the length of the Denza for maximum flexibility.

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    Three Methods Of Storage Support

    The Zo Denza's unique combination of steel and wood core panels provides an extremely durable foundation for worksurfaces of many shapes and sizes.

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    Denza Details

    An innovative approach to laminate storage, the Zo Denza features built in optioning for privacy screens, stackable storage and three unique bases.

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    Stackable Components

    Nine combination heights control privacy and volume across the office landscape.

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    Whiteboard panels extend the value of adjacent storage components

Zo Stak Storage

Zo Staks are nimble storage components that add unique functionality and capacity to the Zo Denza. Designed to slide effortlessly atop the Denza, the Stak turns a heads-down workspace into a collaborative one with a single movement.

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Zo personal ped


The Zo Ped adds valuable freestanding and mobile storage to any workstation.

Zo personal denza


The Zo Denza is available in three heights and nine widths offering a smart array of choices in drawer, door, open and non-handed components.

Zo personal slide


Side storage units eliminates the need for overheads by stretching conventional peds vertically adjacent to the work table.

Zo personal nobase

No Base

High Denzas finish at 26" without a base for maximum volume and efficiency.

Zo personal bladebase

Blade Base

The streamlined blade base raises low and mid Denzas off of the floor for a refined aesthetic.

Zo personal base

Zo Base

Constructed of high quality steel tubing, the Zo base is a robust and beautiful option for elevating Denza's

Office Storage

Freestanding and Flexible

Zo's extensive offering of private office components create limitless combinations of freestanding storage without the complexity of comparable systems products.

Zo office stakdenza

Denzas & Staks

Contemporary office design calls for light scale and residential storage options. The Denza Stak combinations provide just enough storage space for today's worker.

Zo office sto

Sto Towers & Bookcases

For more traditional applications, Zo Towers and Bookcases offer a functional enhancement to conventional units with unique door and drawer combinations.

Zo office wardrobe


Suiting the needs of the contemporary executive, Waredrobe towers round out the Zo private office with combination towers.

Central Storage

Declutter the Shared Office

Zo's archival and departmental storage units provide a first class finish for open office environments.

Zo central laterals

Lateral Files

The tried and true Lateral file is dressed up with Zo finishes and premium hardware.

Zo central booksto

Sto Towers & Bookcases

Combinations of doors, drawers and open compartments solve even the most unique storage requirements.

Zo central lockers

Zone Lockers

Lockers are critical in today's mobile and nomadic workplace. Zone Lockers are secure enough for valuable technology and blend seamlessly in open plan settings.

Meeting & Conference Storage

Tech Ready

Conference rooms today require massive amounts of technology to keep meetings on track and effective. Zo Storage units are ready to be wired up with A/V cutouts and built in wire pass-thrus.

Zo conference denzas


For sideboard and display applications, Zo Denzas are a cost effective option for small meeting rooms and contemporary board rooms.

Zo conference sto


Sto Towers provide open and closed storage for resource intensive group settings.

A/V Cutout Option

Optional cutouts allow for cables and wires to pass through the back of Denza's to connect displays and power to A/V equipment.

Zo conference technical



An array of ZO accessories provides the user with options for increasing workspace efficiency and comfort.

Zo accessories dot

Zo Dot

This fabric wrapped cushion allows you to add easy-access seating to your work area. The ZO Dot is upholstered in four colors of TeKnit, 100% recycled fabric.

Zo accessories dash

Zo Dash

Sized to fit your ZO Ped or ZO Denza, the ZO Dash cushion transforms unused surfaces into additional seating. The ZO Dash may be ordered in any of Watson’s standard fabrics.

Zo accessories pad

Zo Pad

Our greenest storage cushion, the ZO Pad is made out of 100% charcoal gray P.E.T. felt and is sized to fit your ZO Ped or ZO Denza.

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Zo is an agile, adaptive collection of iconic storage elements for individual work spaces, conferencing and shared storage.

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