What SEVEN Offers

Despite rapidly changing trends in work styles, desks and tables remain a cornerstone to every productive office. Seven is a comprehensive line of versatile desks and tables for individual and group work environments.



The Workbench creates an efficient workstation that delivers power, data and user adjustability in one product. The integrated design includes advanced cable management and increased cost efficiency for active and beautiful office environments.

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    Simple Specification

    Workbench segments are available in two depths and five widths for easy space planning. Combine various widths within a continuous run to accommodate different workstyles.

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    Workbench Flexibility

    The Super Ellipse worksurface features a continuously curving perimeter to soften the Workbench geometry. Raceway extenders allow Bahn Side Tower to nest within the benching run providing maximum storage in a compact footprint.

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    Workbench Privacy

    Use Aisle Screens to define the boundary between traffic ways and team workstations. Spine Screens create space division for settings that require fixed-height partioning.

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Single-Sided Workbench

For aisle or wall facing applications, the Seven Workbench distributes power and manages cables within a compact footprint.

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Dual-Sided Workbench

For maximum efficiency, Dual-Sided Workbenches share support and technology features without affecting workstation size.

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Power & Data

Under the worksurface is a 100% PVC free, UL listed 4 circuit/ 8 wire electrical system with three data connections and either four or eight outlets per user.

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Cable Management

Vertical cable managers designed for height-adjustable surfaces keep wiring tidy and organized.

  • Workbench Switch Options

    Electric-adjustable Workbench is offered with three switch options: Undermount, Embedded or Wellness Switch.

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Seven's adjustable desk collection features a slim leg design, low profile foot and a hidden utility beam. The optional patented Surface Interlock Assembly enables the worksurface to flip, removing handedness from the equation.

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    Raise Your Expectations

    Seven offers a wide range of base options, with a consistent appearance across the range of fixed, notch, crank and electric.

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    A Seamless Appearance

    Verve worksurfaces form expansive work areas using a two piece top with a single base to replace conventional three desk combinations.

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    Versatility: Expanded Table Sizes

    With options for Electric and Crank Adjustability, Verve desks allow users to elevate their entire workstation to perching and standing heights.

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    Versatility: Fixed Returns

    Combining fixed tables with adjustable work points creates flexible, non-handed workstations with options for contrasting finishes.

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    Versatility: U Shaped Pocket

    For private offices, Seven's refined base encourages movement in conventionally static environments.

Shapes and Sizes

Seven's worksurfaces are designed for active work environments of all sizes.

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Seven desks cablemgmt

Integrated Cable Management

The Utility Beam goes beyond providing lateral stability and serves as a simple support for Seven's intuitive cable management brackets.

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Electric Adjustability

Seven Electric offers a 27.5" to 47" range of adjustability meeting BIFMA sit-to-stand requirements. An embedded switch keeps the workspace free from mechanical interference.

Universal Handedness

Concern over handed inventory is a thing of the past. Asymmetric shapes can be specified with Watson's patented Surface Interlock Assembly, allowing left handed shapes to become right, and vice versa.

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Meeting Tables

Keep Talking

Seven meeting tables are designed to encourage interaction between team members and technology. Engaging surface shapes with optional drop-in power modules create natural gathering points anywhere in the office.

Seven tables round


For spontaneous or deliberate collaboration, Seven Rounds are available in sitting and standing heights.

Seven tables squares


Simple and functional, these cafe style tables flex seamlessly between the office and break out spaces.

Seven tables trap


When sharing media, a gentle taper naturally positions the users towards the screen.

Seven tables hex


For small group meetings, hexagon tables encourage interaction between participants.

Seven tables rectangle


Tried and true, this simple yet classic shape provides the ultimate flexibility for virtually any meeting space.

Seven tables combo


For larger, cost-effective meeting tables, combine trapezoid and rectangle surfaces with shared bases.

Power Options

A variety of drop-in power and data options can be specified in Seven meeting tables to keep your technology on and meetings running smoothly.

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Add to It

Customize Seven Work Tables with these privacy and technology accessories.

Seven accessories modesty

Modesty Screen

For private office settings, the Seven Modesty mounts directly to the Utility Rail.

Seven accessories cpuholder

CPU Holder

A must have for heavy computing on height adjustable tables.

Seven accessories privacy

Tak and Jot

These universal clamp on screens provide privacy with the added functionality of a markerboard or tackable surface.

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Seven is a comprehensive line of desks, workbenches and tables for individual and group work environments.

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