What MIRO Offers

Miro fulfills a broad range of aesthetic and functional needs designed to resonate with a new generation of leaders. An innovative class of freestanding private office components, Miro flows naturally past the walls of private offices to casual lounge spaces and collaborative meeting areas.


Work Tables

Miro is sophisticated and balanced. The worksurface floats above a geometric base formed by Miro’s iconic leg, a triangular steel tube mitered at the corners. Watson’s fluency in blending materials and expertise in steel fabrication create intricate design details and support structures with superior strength and durability.

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    Versatility: Tight Spaces

    For compact offices, Miro storage provides functional and efficient storage options for the modern worker.

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    Versatility: Open Door Policy

    An angled worksurface creates a unique user pocket for focus work with a generous return for conferencing.

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    Versatility: Expansive Surfaces

    The one-of-a-kind Verve worksurface extends the desk beyond traditional sizes with only a single base, a clean look.

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    Versatility: A Bold Statement

    The signature Viga Leg adds an element of distinction to any private office.

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    Versatility: Wrap Around

    Combining multiple desks provides the user with a contoured workzone for multi-tasking.

Sizing Options

Miro desks include eight stand-alone shapes that can be configured individually or combined with other shapes to create a wide range of workstation configurations and sizes.

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Miro desks cablemanagementoptions

Cable Management

Miro includes several wire management systems including the cable channel accessory, which attaches magnetically to Miro legs for shielding wires running from floor to desk, an under-desk power strip and snaps for horizontal wire routing.

Miro desks surfacesupportoptions

Surface Support Option

Surfaces may also be supported at one or both ends by a variety of storage components to form traditional or perpendicular configurations.

Meeting Tables

Broad Range

Meeting Tables are offered in a variety of heights and support a broad range of meeting applications from formal to informal.

Miro mtgtables lounge

Occasional Tables

17 inch table sizes for lounges and private offices.

Miro mtgtables occasional

Everywhere Tables

29.5 inch table sizes for standard sitting height.

Miro mtgtables perch

Perching Tables

42 inch heights for active meeting environments.

Miro mtgtables poweroptions2

Power Options

Meeting Tables have the option for one or two small drop-in power modules with 2 power receptacles and 1 data port.

Miro mtgtables cabling

Underdesk Cabling

All Miro Tables are equipped with built in cable managers for routing data and power to the table top.

Conference Tables


Meeting Tables are offered in a variety of heights and support a broad range of meeting applications from formal to informal.

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    Expanded Table sizes from 8 - 24 feet in length.

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    Steel Substructure

    Miro conference tables are sag-free because they are supported by a robust steel substructure beneath the worksurface.

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    Grain Matching

    For multi-piece tops, laminate grain matching comes standard.

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    Power Options

    Conference tables are available with five simplex power receptacles and three universal data ports per drop-in unit and are available with hardwire or plug-in power infeed.

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    Floor To Table Cabling

    Optional cable tower may be positioned at any point along the length of the conference table.

Sizing Options

Miro offers a line of expanded table sizes to meet the demands of many meeting spaces.

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Miro storage components are formed from a unique combination of rich wood grain laminate faces, powder coated steel veneers and solid wood interiors for a sound structural feel. The exposed lines of these components are remarkably thin, presenting a pleasing horizontal aesthetic and allowing a tight fit in side by side configurations. Miro storage can also be specified to support Miro worksurfaces, creating a “case goods” aesthetic while preserving a substantial level of configuration flexibility.

Miro storage ped


Compact pedestals that bring the refined look of Miro to an age old classic.

Miro storage support


Maximize the value of underdesk storage by using it to support the worksurface.

Miro storage credenza


Beautiful horizontal proportions and useful storage combinations for offices or meeting rooms.

Miro storage displaytower

Display Tower

Iconic storage units for traditional private office settings, these towers celebrate the detail of the Miro mitered triangle.

Miro storage wardrobe


Compact cabinets equipped with all the hardware for suits and running gear alike.

Miro storage combo

Combination Unit

Expansive storage towers that combine compartments for outerwear as well as filing.

4-8-12 Storage Logic

By deviating from the conventional 6-6-12 storage logic, Miro drawer configurations establish a functional hierarchy for personal effects. The 4" top drawer is a natural junk drawer while the over-sized middle drawer provides 8" for lunch boxes or purses.

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Miro storage base

Credenza Base

The Credenza base echoes the beauty of the Viga leg in a compact form.

Miro storage pulls

Miro Pull

Horizontal proportions add a touch of elegance to all Miro storage units.



Miro accessories round out the product offering with distinct details.

Miro acc cabletower

Cable Tower

Designed to provide easy access to wire management, the Conference cable tower conceals cabling and power drops to the floor.

Miro acc modesty

Modesty Shield

Miro modesty shields are available in 1/4 inch frosted acrylic with powdercoated steel frame or in 16 gauge, powdercoated steel with sound-dampening backer.

Miro acc screen

Seiri Screen

Screens offer two levels of tackable privacy, plus a unique tray and bin system to organize all manner of desk related items, from file folders and magazines to pens, mail, and inbox materials.

Miro Resources

Miro results in an unmistakable feeling of longevity and style to meet the highest standards for executive, managerial and collaborative workspaces.

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