What M2 Offers

The cost effective M2 offering encompasses rectilinear geometries, efficient worksurface support and storage integration to provide executive styling at a price point suitable for the open office.



Inside or outside the cubicle, M2 supported by Zo storage offers smart solutions for compact workspaces. Height and depth logic are dimensionally consistent with virtually all panel systems.

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    Super compact benching configurations are even more efficient with shared legs and storage supported worksurfaces.

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    Rectangle worksurfaces mount perpendicular to credenzas for open and free flowing team configurations.

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    Open Wall

    Extended corner workstations with Tak privacy screens emulate conventional panel systems with fewer components.

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    Panel Environments

    M2 with Zo storage create a built in feel with freestanding components.

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Pedestal Support

The Zo Ped adds valuable freestanding and mobile storage to any workstation.

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Denza Support

The Zo Denza is available in three heights and nine widths offering a smart array of choices in drawer, door, open and non-handed components.

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Side Support

Side storage units eliminate the need for overheads by stretching conventional peds vertically adjacent to the work table.

M2 Shapes

M2 carries the logic and design of Miro into the open plan with shapes for a wide variety of workstations.

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Customize M2 with these privacy accessories.

M2 accessories takjot

Tak & Jot

Screens for the open plan extend above and below the worksurface for optional modesty applications. A desktop version sits neatly on the surface for additional flexibility.

M2 accessories modesty

Modesty Shield

Miro modesty shields are available in 1/4 inch frosted acrylic with powdercoated steel frame or in 16 gauge, powdercoated steel with sound-dampening backer.

M2 accessories seiri

Seiri Screens

Screens offer two levels of tackable privacy, plus a unique tray and bin system to organize all manner of desk related items, from file folders and magazines to pens, mail, and inbox materials.

M2 Resources

For open-plan applications, M2's space-efficient shapes and storage-supported surfaces allow workstations to expand and contract as facilities needs change.

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