What FUSION Offers

Fusion inspires employees and energizes the office with freestanding, user adjustable tables and storage. Success in any enterprise depends on the interaction of talented, energetic people. Office furniture should encourage this interaction by enabling the easy exchange of ideas and movement in the workplace.


2,200 Combinations

Fusion freestanding desk components deliver cost effective, flexible and easy to reconfigure surfaces for high-energy environments.

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    Base Styles

    Fusion base options include Stride, Vibe, and Bridge legs with telescoping extension assemblies and the Impulse base in either fixed, notch, or user adjustable top or front crank.

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    Work Surfaces

    Inspired by curvilinear European shapes and adapted to the rectilinear American office environments. Intelligent shapes maximize space utility as primary and secondary surfaces converge to produce substantially more accessible worksurface area.

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    Open Plan

    Fusion was the original desking line promoting low sightlines and mobility in open office environments.

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    Panel Environments

    Fusion energizes the open plan by breaking free from rectilinear geometry.

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    Private Office

    User-centric worksurface shapes improve ergonomics in private office settings.

Fusion Shapes

Fusion shapes put the user first with elliptical geometry driven by motion and reach.

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Fusion desks legglide

Function Meets Style

The Leg Extension Assembly provides a six-inch range of height adjustability to Fusion parabolic leg styles.

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Go Mobile

All fusion legs can be specified with a twin-wheel mobile caster for improved mobility.

Conference Tables

Meet with Confidence

Highly functional table shapes support light scale meeting and conferencing.

Keystone Conference Tables

These adaptive tables can flex between presentation and conference modes to extend the value of any conference space.

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Elektra Conference Tables

For ultimate convenience, the Elektra meeting tables are freestanding tables that combine easily to form higher capacity conference spaces.

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Mobile and Secure

Fusion provides freestanding mobile storage for high-energy work environments.

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Moto Pedestals

A distinctive profile makes mobile Moto peds a stylish storage value. Available in two heights.

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Single Cab

Single Cab mobile storage units provide lockable file and personal storage solutions.

Fusion storage overhead


Maximize filing and display density with desk or wall-mounted Overhead Storage above the worksurface.



Fusion accessories add privacy and utility to open and private offices.

Fusion accessories shelf

Desk Shelf

A universal clamp on shelf provides a light alternative to conventional overheads.

Fusion accessories keyboard

Keyboard Platform

Ergonomic input platforms ease stress on the body throughout the workday.

Fusion accessories screen

Privacy Screens

Fusion Privacy Screens are playful in design and 100% tackable.

Fusion Resources

Fusion inspires employees and energizes the office with freestanding, user adjustable tables and storage.

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