Watson Accessories are deliberately simple in design for seamless integration in any workplace. Each product is characterized by intuitive functionality and robust construction.

Privacy Screens

Pin Screens

The softened geometry of Pin Screens add visual interest and evoke a sense of comfort in the open office. Specify tackable Pin Screens to define boundaries between work settings.

Screens pindetail02

Residential Inspired Tailoring

Accent piping adds refinement to all Pin Screens. Piping available in six different colors options.

Screens pindetail01

Built-in Cable Management

Optional cable trays provide seamless cable management on the back side of the worksurface.

Privacy Screens

Tak Screen & Jot Board

Finished on both sides with either fabric or marker board laminate, the Tak Screen and Jot Board provide a simple solution for privacy and space division.

Screens takdetail3

Tak Screen

Tak screens can be customized with COM fabrics and attach easily without damaging the worksurface.

Screens jotdetail

Jot Board

A laminate markerboard surface turns any table into a dynamic and interactive work zone.

Tak & Jot

Screens for the open plan extend above and below the worksurface for optional modesty applications. A desktop version sits neatly on the surface for additional flexibility.

Accessories privacy technical

Privacy Screens

Seiri Screen

This premium divider offers two levels of tackable privacy, plus a unique tray and bin system to organize all manner of desk related items.

Accessories privacy seiridetail

Precision Finish

A thin aluminum extrusion wraps the border of Seiri screens for a refined detail.

Accessories privacy bins

Highly Functional

Seiri bins organize all types of worktools from tablets to pencils.

Acrylic Modesty

For private office applications, the frosted acrylic modesty provides security with a touch of elegance.

Accessories privacy acrylicmodesty


Magnetic Steel

Etch is a family of mobile markerboards that leverages a breakthrough in steel powdercoating technology to deliver a high performance product with a refined silhouette. The user friendly design is underscored by flexible magnetic accessories that can be placed anywhere on the surface.

Accessories markerboards legs

Manufacturing Ingenuity

Innovative concealed fasteners keep the base simple and make installation a breeze.

Accessories markerboards accessories

Etch Accessories

Flexible magnetic accessories include a marker cup, display shelf, paper pad hooks and a microfiber eraser cloth.

Etch Mobile Markerboard

Etch can be tailored to match a variety of environments with four width, two height and multiple color options.

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Accessories markerboards etch

MIRO Whiteboards

Miro Whiteboards provide a blank palette for sharing big ideas. An innovative accessory tray keeps markers and erasers close at hand.

Accessories markerboard miro
Accessories markerboards mirodetail1

Magnetic Rail

Continuous along the entire board, this rail provides a convenient mounting point for analog presentations.

Accessories markerboards mirodetail2

Miro Accessory Tray

Seiri markercups are multi-functional magnetic tools to keep whiteboard accessories in place.

Technology & Power

Clutter Free

Beyond keeping technology safe, these accessories manage cables and provide easy access to power.

Accessories technology mediafast

Media Fast

A straightforward alternative to complex media sharing systems, mount a display and get to work.

Accessories technology stash


This multi-functional unit keeps CPU's off the floor and provides a soft landing for personal devices.

Accessories technology cputower

Cable Tower

Designed to provide easy access to wire management, the Conference cable tower conceals cabling and power drops to the floor.

Accessories technology mediafastfull

Media Fast

A universal clamp on Media Display turns any meeting table into a tech-ready innovation hub.

Accessories technology stashfull


Stash is designed for mobile workers who appreciate a clutter free work environment.

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Watson Accessories are deliberately simple in design for seamless integration in any workplace.

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