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Watson Accessories are deliberately simple in design for seamless integration into any workplace. Each product is characterized by intuitive functionality and robust construction.

  • Desk Mounted Privacy

    Universal Pin Screens are tackable and travel with the worksurface. Pair desk-mounted Pin Screens with Bahn Spine Screens in open office configurations.

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  • User Centric

    The Etch Mobile Markerboard boasts an edgeless magnetic writing surface.

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  • Beauty In The Details

    The Seiri screen is defined by its precise geometry and ultra-functional utility tray.

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  • Plug And Play

    The clamp on Media Fast is a universally mountable media display designed to secure technology and provide easy access to power.

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  • Dual Purpose

    Stash flexes between storage for personal items and a CPU holder for added value.

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Privacy & Modesty

Customizable privacy screens are compatible with nearly any worksurface for ultimate flexibility.

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Innovative concealed fasteners and thoughtful accessories set Watson markerboards apart.

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Ideas Start Here

Leveraging a breakthrough in steel powdercoating technology, Etch delivers a high performance product with a refined silhouette. (50 sec video)


Technology & Power

User centric tools to support the modern workplace.

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Watson Accessories are deliberately simple in design for seamless integration in any workplace.

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