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Bahn is a freestanding power, voice, and data delivery beam designed for organizations that value modularity and simplicity in open plan environments.

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Adjustable Solutions

Electric-adjustable Seven Workbench delivers comfort, movement and improved workplace engagement.

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Impeccable Craftsmanship

Miro artfully combines handcrafted steel components with a blend of ultra-durable materials.

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  • Bahn is a power, voice, and data delivery solution designed for organizations that value modularity and simplicity in open plan environments.

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  • A straightforward alternative to complex media sharing systems, mount a display and get to work. Consolidated wire management features keep cables tidy and secure.

  • Thoughtful integration of Adjustment

  • Tonic is a collection of benches, storage and tables for clients who value agility, simplicity and clean design, with the robust construction Watson is known for.

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  • Miro results in an unmistakable feeling of longevity and style to meet the highest standards for executive, managerial and collaborative workspaces.

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  • For open-plan applications, M2's space-efficient shapes and storage-supported surfaces allow workstations to expand and contract as facilities needs change.

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  • Seven is a comprehensive line of desks, workbenches and tables for individual and group work environments.

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  • Zo is an agile, adaptive collection of iconic storage elements for individual work spaces, conferencing and shared storage.

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  • Watson Accessories are deliberately simple in design for seamless integration in any workplace.

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We are committed to returning this world in better condition than we found it.

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